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Vedogiovane is a non-profit organisation working since 1989 based in Arona, the North-West of Italy. Our mission concerns young people (giovani) and “social and cultural” youth work (animazione socio-culturale).

Our Youth Policy branch runs youth information centers as well as develops new projects and reflections about the youth’s needs and the response by governmental and non-governmental institutions, schools and adults in general. The youth policy branch identifies new strategies to answer these needs and makes relevant propositions to various institutions. Services of “animazione socio-culturale” (centres for disadvantaged youngsters, activities and workshops before and after school, leisure time activities, etc.). These activities are mainly aimed towards developing the local community and offering a new vision of young people and their needs.

The Intercultural sector implements projects about migration and youth: International Youth Exchanges, seminars and training courses, European Voluntary Service (EVS), as a sending hosting and coordinating organization.

We also have a welcoming refugees program since 2016.

Since 1996 Vedogiovane has been involved in youth work, first in the Youth in Action Programme and now in Erasmus+ working both with young people (individuals and youth associations) and the local administration, encouraging dialogue and cooperation. By participating in international projects, we can send active youth (from associations as well as young politicians) to gain new experiences and viewpoints and to benefit from the exchange and transfer their experiences back to the local community. Young people should be considered as responsible citizens, therefore Vedogiovane strongly believes, they should have an active role in decision making processes, starting from the local level.

As Italian young people are more and more interested in travel, in gaining new experiences, in learning languages, and in cultural exchanges, Vedogiovane is also active as a sending organisation for EVS volunteers.

Vedogiovane is also implementing EVS project in Arona, hosting volunteers from different Countries, who contribute to the work of our organization, volunteer with children and disadvantaged people and take part in other ongoing projects.

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